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Vietnamese President

Vietnamese President visit Angkor Wat

Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet visits the world famous Bayon temple in the Angkor park, Siem Reap. Triet was in the Kingdom of Cambodia from February 27th to March 1st at the invitation of Cambodian King Norodom Shihamoni. During his visit, the Vietnamese President met with many leading figures in Cambodia politics, including Senate President Samdach Chea Sim, National Assembly Chairman Samdach Heng Samrin and Prime minister Samdach Hun Sen. Effective co-operation between Vietnam and Cambodia and issue of mutual concern were discussed. In the future, Vietnam and Cambodia will focus on accelerating economic and trade co-operation saidPresident Triet.

Asian Meeting and Seminar

We have a lot of Meeting and/or Seminar at Siem Reap province (Angkor Wat) to talk and discussion some topics that append in the World or in Asian as well, so every month in Siem Reap alway have a Ceremony, Seminar, Workshop, etc...

And as in last 2Years we have the greatest Ceremony is call "Angkor-Gyeongju" Memorable Foundation.


Friendship Cambodian and Korean

A Real Honey (Korean) Cambodia's Friends
As Korean tourists continue to flood into Cambodia, it may not be surprising that South Korea's most beautiful woman just visited.

Miss. Honey Lee, 25, arrived at the End of January. During her 3 days visit Honey spent her time studying culture and taking part in artistic exchanges. She said she took a day trip to Angkor to try to understand the rich historical legacy of the kingdom.

She saw the Bayon, Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat temples among others. Honey expressed her surprise at the scale of the ruins. "It's an incredible scene"she said "These must be the greatest temple ruins in the world".

Though she spent a long day walking in the hot sun, Honey said she forgot her tiredness because of the spectacular setting. The carving and bas-reliefs on the temple walls were "out of this world"she said. Honey often struck identical poses to those depicted for delighted member of the media. She copied the stance of Apsaras exactly, even down to the enigmatic smile. At the end of her visit, Honey expressed her affection for the Kingdom and its people.
"We must all vote for Angkor Wat as one of the new seven wonders of the world"


Some of Wellknown People Visit Angkor Wat

Mr. Clinton in Cambodia

Former US president Bill Clinton showed himself as a man of the people during his visit to Cambodia at the end of last year. He shunned hordes of disappointed journalists in favor of fellow travelers and locals.

Clinton's hectic schedule only permitted a two hour visit to the Angkor archaeological park. He used his time to the maximum, clambering unaided up the steep monuments and listening attentively to his specialist guide.

A Khmer security guard at the south-east gate of Angkor Wat was thrilled to speak with the charismatic ex-president. He was apparently surprised by the scale of the ruins, especially the colossal Angkor Wat.

"I said hello and chatted with him for a while", said the guard. "He said the stairs were high but the view from the Bakan (the highest level of Angkor Wat) was worth it. He said Angkor was a special wonder and Angkor Wat was paradise".

Clinton was also heard to express disbelief at the incredible extent of the remains, and confessed to being dumbfounded by the building capacity of the ancient Khmers.


Seeing Red

There is another red in Cambodia. The less traveled Ratanakiri is just one of the many faces of this diverse and charming nation.
Bordering Steng Treng and Mondolkiri in northeastern Cambodia, Ratanakiri is sparsely populated and famed for its natural beauty. It is known as "the red province". Even the airport runway is made of red dirt.

Wildlife abounds in this forgotten Eden. Mountains, plateaus, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, wetlands and forests provide opportunities for a peaceful stay or an exciting outdoor adventure.

Another attraction may be found in the former administrative center of the province. Lom Phat is now a quiet and mostly deserted backwater. Much of the town resembles a surreal battleground. Empty schools and hospitals lie abandoned and silent, bomb creters and bullet holes are everywhere.

But now after Nation Wide haven't the war mean it was full peace sine 1993 and after using the WIN WIN Strategy of Mr. Cambodian Prime minister and Ratanakiri especially have a good safety for the Tourists(Domestic and Foreign) are visit these province.

Aside from nature and war relics, Ratanakiri's many ethnic minorities province another fascinating diversion. Traditional villages, untouched by the modern world, live a lifestyle unchanged in millennial. Indigenous handicrafts, along with much else, can be bought at the Ban Lung's bustling market. Getting there is easy. A flight to the province capital's small airport takes a mere hour to cover the 600km from Phnom Phenh.

A visit to Ratanakiri might well give a new meaning to the phrase "seeing red".

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Planning To Visit In Cambodia

Planning a Visit

Getting to Cambodia

Most international visitors to Cambodia arrive by air at either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. An increasing number of airlines are operating into Cambodia in response to the Cambodian governments open skies policy. The list of international airlines serving Cambodia includes; Bangkok Airways, China Southern Airlines, Dragonair, EVA Air, Lao Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Mekong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Siem Reap Airways International, Silk Air, Royal Phnom Penh Airways, Thai Airways International and Vietnam Airlines.

And now we have more about Airline already step-down in Cambodia especially in Siam Reap International Airport and Phnom Penh International Airport, there are Korean Airline, Japan Airline, etc...

For transport to the city centre when arriving at Phnom Penh, you will find taxis outside the arrival hall. The taxi fare from the airport to the city is US$7 and the trip will take about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

In Siem Reap the cost of a taxi into the town area from the airport is US$5. Many of the larger hotels will offer free transport so let your hotel know your flight arrival details in advance.

Travelling around Cambodia

Air travel, bus, train, boat and taxi are all modes of transport available to tourists in Cambodia. Your selection is best determined by how far you wish to travel, the time you have available, the amount you want to spend and, sometimes, by the weather as during the wet season travel by road especially in the provinces can be very slow.

For getting around the major centers such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, the most common form of public transport is the motorcycle (motorbike taxi). The motorcycle are fast, cheap (negotiate the price before your trip) and readily available however if you are unfamiliar with sitting as a passenger on a motorbike in heavy traffic, such as in Phnom Penh, then you may prefer an alternative mode.

The quaint cyclo(the bycicle that has 3 wheels) is also common in the cities and is a safer more pleasant way of getting around compared to the motorcycle, although obviously slower! Again, negotiate the price first.

For comfort and safety your best option may be to hire a car, with a driver, and this will cost you around US$20-$25 per day. Your hotel/guest house will usually be able to arrange a car for you.

Where to stay

There are accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets in Cambodia, from 5-star luxury hotels to inexpensive and friendly guest houses. Please click on our Accommodation link to see an extensive list.

Currency / Banks / Credit Cards

The official currency of Cambodia is the Riel however US dollars are widely accepted; in fact many businesses set their prices in US dollars. It is however wise to carry some riel around with you for small purchases. The current exchange rate for the riel to the US$ is around 4000 riel = US$1.

The acceptance of credit cards is increasing in Cambodia and you can get cash advances against your credit card at some major commercial banks. There are however no ATM's that will provide access to foreign bank accounts. Click on the link for a full list of commercial bank in Cambodia.

And now all kinds of the currency, the tourist can be used through market or over the exchanging store and/or all banks that business in Cambodia.

The Ankor Wat and Some Temple in Cambodia Photo:

And many many !!!!! pictures that what is beautiful Nature in Cambodia.
You'll see it when you aright arrival.

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Siem Reap the best of Cambodia

General information:
- Province: Siem Reap
- Area: 10,299sq km
- Population: 732,111
- Density: 68
- Distict: 12
- Commune: 100
- Village: 882

Siem Reap is one of the best known provinces in the North of Cambodia and is 314km from Phnom Penh Capital. In Siem Reap has many!! many!!!!! temple, we can say that there are more than thousand temple in this province.

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Eco-Tourism in Cambodia

Visit Cambodia Year

Boeung Yeak Loam Resort
- Name: Boeung Yeak Loam Resort
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Boeung Yak Loam is a natural, almost square-shaped lake situated in the middle of a mountain in Ban Lung District, 5km from Rattanakiri provincial town. The lake is approximately 800m in diameter with a depth of 48m during the dry season, and was created by volcanic movements centuries ago. Boeung Yak Loam has picturesque mountainous scenery, a charming bird sanctuary and provides the visitor with an opportunity to experience the daily life of local hill-tribe people.

2-Bou Sra Waterfall
- Name: Bou Sra Waterfall
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: In Pich Chinda District, 43km north of the provincial town, Bou Sra is the most beautiful waterfall in Mondulkiri Province. This fall is a popular spot for picnicking as it provides a cool, relaxed and rejuvenating ambience that awaits its visitors, a picnic at this fall is featured in almost every itinerary. This waterfall drops gracefully onto a multi-tiered level of boulders and rocks forming cascading showers of foaming white sprays of water and well shaded by the leafy green canopy of the surrounding tropical rainforest.

3-Mekong Dolphin
- Name: Fresh Water Dolphin
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Nowadays the dolphins live mainly in the rivers and waterways of Kratie and Stung Treng provinces. The number of these mammals is estimated to be between 40 and 60 and they are often seen travelling in small groups of 6 to 10 individuals. The females usually give birth to young once every two years most often during the months of June to August. The young dolphins are about 1m in length at birth and suckle milk. By adulthood the dolphins can attain a length of over 2.5m and weigh up to 180kg. Their diet consists mainly of small fish, shellfish and snails. The dolphins can swim at speeds up to 40km per hour and stay submerged for periods between five and ten minutes.

4-Kampi Resort or Prej Kampi
- Name: Kampi Resort
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Kampi resort is a great natural resort, and home to the rare fresh water Mekong dolphins. Travelling along the National Road #7 to the north about 15km from Kratie provincial town, you will reach a bridge called Prek Kampi. Here one can experience the unique view of the Mekong River consisting of thousands of tiny islands covered with green water plants. From January to May, especially during the Khmer New Year, Kampi resort attracts many local and foreign visitors.

5-Rum Near Waterwall
- Name: Rum Near Waterwall
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Located at Rum Near District, 5km from Mondulkiri Province. Along either side of the trail, one can enjoy wonderful views of local plantations that include rubber, coffee and cashew nuts. The local people regularly gather at Sen Monorom Waterfall during public holidays and festivals.
6-Some of Wildlife in Cambodia
- Name: Wildlife
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Cambodia is home to some of the most significant populations of mammalian wildlife in Asia. Endangered species such as leopards, tigers, bantams, gaur, barking deer and the near-extinct Kouprey ? the Kingdom?s national animal and the world?s rarest large mammal ? have been sighted off the beaten path. In addition, wild elephants still roam remote pristine forests and monkeys and snakes abound in mountainous areas. While the international market for endangered species poses a great threat to the preservation of the Kingdom?s wildlife, conservationists strive to research, document and preserve them.


Travel to Battambang Province

General information:
- Province: Battambang
- Area: 11,702 sq km
- Population: 952,306
- Density: 68
- District: 13
- Commune: 96
- Village: 750

Battambang is a province in the West of Cambodia and is 291km from Phnom Penh.

1-Banan Temple
- Name: Banan Temple
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Adapts the architecture of mid 11th century and the end of 12th century the temple was first built by king, Ut Tak Yea Tit Tya Varman II (1050-1066) and then was finally built by the king, Jarvarman VII (1181-1219). The temple is located on the top of approximate 400-meter heighten mountain at Kon Tey 2 commune, Ba Nan District in 25-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the provincial Road No 155 parallel to Sang Ke River. At the mountain?s valley, there are Ku Teuk and two main natural wells, namely: Bit Meas and Chhung or Chhung Achey.

2-Banteay Sat

- Name: Banteay Sat
- How to go: 105 km (2h) From Provincial Town.
- Location:
- Description: Historical Sites and Buildings, Location: Koh Village, Kaoh Chiveang Commune, Aek Phnom District.

3-Barsaet Temple

- Name: Barsaet Temple
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Was built during the reign of King, Soriyak Varman I (1002-1050) and located on a hill at Ba Set village, Ta Pun commune in 15-kilometer distance from the provincial town. Ba Set temple adapts the architecture of 11th century and built in 1036 and 1042. Next to the temple, there is 20 meters by12 meter and 10 meter depth pond. The pond is never dried, though in the dry season. In rainy season, the water level is higher than usual.

4-Boeng Kam Pinh Puoy

- Name: Boeng Kam Pinh Puoy
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Locates: between two mountains, named Phnom Kul or Phnom Ta Nget and Phnom Kam Pinh Puoy, at Ta Nget village, Ta Kriem Commune in 35-kilometer distance from the provincial town. Boeng Kam Pinh Puoy has 1,900-meter width, 19-kilometer length and can load 110,000,000-cubic meter water.

5-Dang Tung

- Name: Dang Tung
- How to go: 54 Km (3H:20mn) From Provincial Town.
- Location:
- Description: Nature wildlife and Preserves, Location: Danng Tung Village, Phlov Meas Commune, Rattanakmundul District.

6-Phnom Sampuov

- Name: Phnom Sampuov
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Is the natural resort located along the National Road No 57 (the former National Road No 10) at Sam Puoy commune (the high land having more than 100-meter height) in 12-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Batambang. On the top of Sam Puoy mountain, there are temple and three natural wells, namely: Pkar Slar, Lo Khuon and Ak So Pheak. Next to Sam Puoy Mountain, there are some main mountains, the natural sites like Phnom Trung Moan, Phnom Trung Tea and Phnom Neang Rum Say Sork. These mountains related to the Cambodia folk legend of Reach Kol Neang Run Say Sork.

7-Chrouse Pich Chenda

- Name: Pich Chenda
- How to go: 44 km (2h) From Provincial Town.
- Location:
- Description: Nature wildlife and Preserves, Location: Treng Commune, Rattanakmundul District.

8-Prasat Sneng

- Name: Prasat Sneng
- How to go: 22 km (1h:30mn) From Provincial Town.
- Location:
- Description: Historical Sites and Buildings, Location: Sneng Village, Sneng Commune, Banan District.

9-Prasat Snung

- Name: Prasat Snung
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Characterizes as three separated stupas made of brick, located on a hill having 30-meter length and 20-meter width, in Snung pagoda?s area, Snung commune, Ba Nan District in 22-kilometer distance from the provincail town. According to the style at the gate, the temple is similar to other temples in 12th century. Behind the temple, there is another new constructing temple.

10-Sek Sak

- Name: Sek Sak
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Is the natural resort, which has been popular since before the civil war time. Sek Sak stretches along the river bank full of plant, trees and bamboo-green nature in 500-meter length. Regarding to Sek Sak, tourists can also visit other attractive sites like Po Pus Pich Chen Da Dong Tong and Sa Ang speak, the pre-history site in five-kilometer to six-kilometer distance from each other. Sek Sak located in Treng commune, Rotanak Mondul District in 50-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Batambang along the National Road No 57, the former National Road No 10.

11-Wat Ek Temple

- Name: Wat Ek Temple
- How to go:
- Location:
- Description: Adapts the architecture of 11th century and built in 1027 during the reign of king, Sorayak Varman I (1002-1050). It is located at Piem Ek commune in 14-kilometer distance from the provincial town.

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